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PRS - What is it? What does it do? Who is it for?

If you know, play or make music.

PRS licensing… puzzled me too.

So, what is it all about? I heard lots of information and how people were lost for who should have this. Speaking with colleagues I found that there was lots of different stories and thoughts around this. So many different versions, rumours and rubbish … its scary - making it really hard to find out what and who…. let alone when.

What was the next step?

We went to the source, to find out the necessary information - so that we could give you guys an insight into PRS.

Supporting Music

PRS is the licence purchased by people who are music users, i.e Radio, DJ, Shops, pubs and restaurants…. the list goes on. PRS then pay royalties to their members when their work is performed, broadcast, streamed, downloaded, reproduced, played in public, used in film, and TV. It is super important, especially now, more than ever to support music, and the creative industry.

Protecting Music.

As a radio listener - you’re not responsible for PRS - we are. All good responsible radio stations - including online radio should be licensed to play the music that they broadcast or stream. (We are also one of those responsible online stations that have paid PRS licenses since the start!) Supporting artists and creators is super important to us.

Working with Music.

PRS helps creatives by supporting events, hosting awards, investing in new tech, and fighting for their rights - so changing policy for the better.

If you want to find more about PRS - check it out at

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